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In the past few weeks, I’ve been stuck staring at this new MTA warning sticker, and I couldn’t help finding out why.  There is something really funky going on on the text visual “rhytm”.  Being 2009 one just assumes the message was composed on a computer and sent as a digital file to the final output “original” (Stencil, Silkscreen, or whatever printing method they used) but if you analize the individual letters, it is clear that the letter “o” has been rotated 90 degrees.  The text below (A) shows the message composed in Helvetica Bold, and (B) the same message but with the “o” manually rotated.

What is going on at MTA graphic department? Could it really be that in 2009 someone had to compose the message manually, letter by letter on an analog original?  This can’t be the case!  Maybe an MTA graphic designer is waiting for this blog post to laugh out loud….

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